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Getting your Landscaping Ready For Winter!

We did it, we made it through the brutal summer heat and now it's time to winterize all of our gorgeous gardens! Follow the steps below and you will be well on your way to properly preparing your landscaping to survive a cold Canadian winter.

Dead - Head Perennials

All flowering perennial plants, such as; Day Lillies, Sage, Iris, Dianthus, Shasta Daisies, etc. can be dead - headed by removing the spent flower bud. Typically, they should be dead - headed in late summer and sometimes they will even bloom a second time in mid - late September. Once October hits and the temperatures have dropped, you can go ahead and cut the entire plant back to the ground and they will be ready to shoot out more dense foliage in the following spring.

Cut - Back Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses, including Miscanthus, Karl Foerster, Reed Grass, and other perennial grasses can be cut back to about 4" above the crown of the plant. This will help promote more dense growth in the spring and will increase the size of the plant the following year.

Leaf Cleanup

Some may argue that it is best not to remove fallen leaves from the landscaping in the fall because of the nitrogen that is produced. However, a thick layer of leaves in the landscaping or on the lawn will prevent sunlight, water and nutrients from getting to the roots of the plants or lawn. Another problem with having fallen leaves left in the landscaping for a long period of time is the invitation it creates for critters to build a home and poses future problems for the lawn and landscaping.

Fall cleanups are so satisfying once they are complete and really do add to the longevity of your landscaping! Looking for a hand in getting your property professionally maintained? Drop us a line via phone or email.

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